Ice Cream

In the beginning you are hungry.

The ice cream is nice, full of possibilities and choice, flavours and colors, too many of them.

But you have a limited budget and you can only choose some of them, you make your choice, you change your mind, get some of them you don’t like, you pay.

The more you eat the less you feel, after a while they are all the same cold and tastless thing, they lose color and meaning.

You have to be fast or it melts and slips through your hands.

Already at the cone, you wish you had just started.

Now crunching the remains; in the beginning you wished you could eat the napkin too, but now you’re not hungry anymore, some leftovers get thrown away.

You finish satiated yet somehow unsatisfacted, while envying who is still choosing their flavours.

..but you got no more coins in your pocket, you consumed your ice cream, now it’s somebody else’s turn.

At the beginning of your life you have a vast choice of things you could do.

The world is awesome, full of paths, people, choices and knowledge to explore with passion.

But your time is limited, and you can’t do everything. You choose a path, then you leave it, then another one and so on.

The rest is left to the reader’s imagination.

Man is fueled by dissatisfaction and the search of illogical ideals.