The Soul of Software

Software is the reflection of the developer’s soul.

It talks and listens the user, with manners and more or less directly. It can be polite, it can be frank, deceptive or sincere.

Buttons, structure, navigation or design elements can make it precise or messy, like a person. Raw and brutal or simple and refined. It can love you or use you for his interests. Like a salesman, it might want your data and affiliate shit, asking for reviews or subscriptions.

Business interests are coded in interactions. Who needs to switch to another browser when the one you use is fine? Why should we perform useless updates which don’t actually improve the security (already nullified by the incompetence of the user) but they introduce only bugs and incompatibilities? Why should we leave a review? And even if we do, why are you bothering us every two weeks? Who gains benefit from forced telemetry? Pre-installed software? Default choices? Hidden or reduced UI elements?

In the end, every software on earth is made of tiny pieces of the people who make it, especially UI/UX elements. The way a software interacts with their users determines the leading character and personality of the development and management teams.