A subset of quarks and electrons in a weird configuration that we commonly call “life”. A mind interfacing through a body, living in an ecosystem. A complex bunch of proteins, lipids and carbon-based molecules kept together by a large quantity of continuously-recycled water. Complex patterns and self-defining concepts that struggle to keep existing through time without even having me notice.

Twenty-eight years and counting. Male.

My time is primarily occupied by breathing and moving my hands. If you take a random moment, it’s very likely that I am sleeping, inside a car, in front of a computer or explaining concepts to people.

Work defines my existence and value, and I dedicate my existence to computers. People usually fail to find good words to define me, and often fall back to the common “nerd” or “geek” adjectives; nice try though.

I generally dislike low-quality people, liars, simple minded grown-up kids, power hungry fools, religious sheep and shepherds. I won’t blame the reader if he is producing a prejudice on me right now, after all judging with little information is easy, faulty and makes people feel good.

Money is not my primary goal. I prefer doing what I like and be surrounded with people I strongly admire and respect instead of living in a pool of sharks that try to devour each other every day (how cute by the way).

The days I went to school before university were a complete waste of time, morale and resources, and I don’t want to be forced again to live and work with people I don’t choose. Yes, I’m that difficult.

There is no “purpose” in my own existence, other than trying to make this huge mess of a society a tiny bit less shitty. Purpose is a human abstraction, and a faulty one for concepts impossible to grasp completely, as life itself. Abstractions are simplifications, and as such, faulty to an extent.

We don’t have a goal, only false gods. In this game, if you die, there is no end score. Everything is just a journey, where we constantly learn stuff and make mistakes, whether we want or not. Right or wrong is subjective.

What we can all do is to define how we want to be and choose what works best; natural selection will do the rest for us. Success or failure is primarily dependent on our limited perception, there is no such thing in “nature”.

In the years I sort of developed a weird attitude that makes me invest a large amount of time into thinking and decomposing problems in different ways. People think I’m strange because of that. I think they’re strange because they don’t.

When I observe things, often I tend to do it from many different points of views; everything I see develops many facets inside me, each having an influence on the approximative, incomplete and flawed interpretations I try to build. Pre-existant ideas, prejudice, cognitive biases, illusions, instincts and common knowledge are constant enemies on the infinite escalation for a cleaner way of decomposing and understanding the environment around me.

Often I don’t follow the pack, but I search my own route, which may not be the best or the most stimulating, but at least I avoid many common mistakes people do, while inventing my own of course. A lonely wolf won’t hunt big preys, but will see a lot of new things for sure.

You won’t find me active on any social network, I can’t force myself to appreciate systems designed to entertain people with low-quality and time-consuming content. Real life is no better, but at least it works.

The rest of me is in the other side of the screen.

...in order to understand the Wolf you have to know me. Very deeply. I suggest you don't do that.